Medical Centre

Medical Centre

health After building the Music House we built a small medical house with concrete floor and rendered wall so that there would be a clean space for consultations.

As well as regular visits from the mission nurses we have also organised about a dozen hernia operations. It seems that this is a common complaint mainly due to the hard physical labour the Baka have to endure for the Bantu.

We also have an account with the mission hospital so that the Baka can get medical treatment without charge – the only people in Cameroon with a free health service! Inside the “medical house”, used by visiting healthcare workers for consultations, baby weighing and vaccination programmes

Andi and Mboundo
doctor gabyThe water cistern financed by the British High Commission fed by a rainwater harvesting system on the Music House. Unfortunately the local Bantu villagers treat this as their own, but a new well has just been sunk in the village of Banana, so hopefully less water will be taken from here.

As people stay in one place for longer the long drop toilet is a vital addition to keep the general level of health up. We have built several houses around Gbiné.

Gabriel, a nurse at the Catholic Mission in Moloundou, who regularly comes to o a health check on site at Gbiné

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