Learning through studying the society of the Baka hunter gatherers.

The Baka have lived peacefully deep in the rainforests of S. E. Cameroon for millenia. They live in harmony with their environment, surviving through a deep awareness and understanding of their natural world. They can find everything they need from the forest around them; from medicines, food, clothing & housing, to musical instruments.

They live in a world of natural sounds. Making music with each other is the expression of co-operation and respect that binds the society together. Everyone is good at listening and in taking part. Sharing is essential for survival. With logging and mineral exploitation reducing their forests and with the values of the outside world having ever more influence over the Baka, their culture and ways of life are increasingly under threat.

Su Hart, a trained teacher and singer, first visited in 1992 with her husband, musician Martin Cradick. A fruitful global music exchange has grown and evolved. Su has been initiated into women’s sacred singing and through the charity “Global Music Exchange” royalties from recordings are returned for projects that the Baka decide for themselves.