Helping people help themselves through music



 Record and promote
traditional music, dance
and crafts.


Under the Volcano Festival

In 2010 we organised a festival of traditional music and dance in Limbe, Cameroon

Record Albums

We have recorded and distributed five albums of Baka music

Children’s Songs

Together with Baka musicians we wrote and recorded 12 songs to teach Baka children french

Forest Voices Tours

We organise tours for the Baka musicians around other Baka communities to inspire, inform and unite.

European Tours

We have brought Baka musicians to tour in Europe on two occasions

Thousand Stars Festival

We have organised two festivals of traditional music and dance in arber Minch, Ethiopia

Use royalties collected for community projects.
controlled by the communities who have made the music.

Capping the Spring

We have ensured clean water is constantly avalible.

Building School and Teacher’s house

We built a school and teacher’s house to help the Baka get a good education.

Music House

We have built a Music House and community centre in Gbiné.

medical Help

We have built a house where visiting medics can work with the Baka and we help with medical costs

National ID cards

we have helped all the adults at Gbiné get their National ID cards


 Help indigenous communities adapt to the modern world.
whilst maintaining their rights to live a traditional lifestyle.


We have helped the Baka community with various agricultural projects

Building Houses

We have built up the village around Gbiné for the Baka to live while they are in the area.

Traditional Music and Dance

We have promoted traditional music and dance both in Africa and in Europe and America

Building Skills

We have taught building skills over time in the various building projects enabling Baka to get better paid local work

National ID cards

We have helped all the Baka at Gbine get National ID cards to ensure their rights.

Children’s Songs

We have developed songs to teach children basic french whilst staying in the forest


Help Our Latest Project!



Forest voices tour

The second Forest Voices Tour took place in December 2015.

Capping the Spring

In March 2015 we hired a local builder to cap the spring.

Baka Gbiné write educational songs

In February 2015 we recorded twelve educational songs.



Martin Cradick has dedicated his life to producing music for Global Music Exchange. Since 1993 he has made 17 albums that directly benefit Indigenous people in both Cameroon and Ethiopia. The albums that are solely the Indigenous people are displayed below for a full collection of the albums click here for the march hare music store.

Gati Bongo

Gati Bongo by Orchéstre Baka Gbiné Gati Bongo is the amazing and compelling debut album by Baka Gbiné, recorded live in the rainforest of Cameroon in 2004 and 2005.


Kopolo by Orchéstre Baka Gbiné As hunter-gatherers, the Baka will build a village in the forest near a seasonal food source and stay there for a month or two until they have harvested all they can.

Baka in the Forest

Baka in the Forest by Orchéstre Baka Gbiné Thousands of years of surviving by hunting large animals in the rainforests of the Congo basin depended on powerful night-time ritual singing (“Yelli”) by Baka Pygmy women.  

Voice of the Forest

Voice of the Rainforest by Baka Forest People of Southeast Cameroon Helping the Eden Project in Cornwall create a soundscape for their “Rainforest Walkway” inspired us to put together a new collection of traditional Baka sounds.

Heart of the Forest

Heart of the Forest Baka Forest People Of Southeast Cameroon The first album of traditional Baka songs recorded by Martin Cradick on his first visit. This was originally released alongside “Spirit of the Forest” on Hannibal Records.

Cradled in the heart of the African rainforest live one of the oldest and most sensitive musical cultures.

Martin and Su first went to Cameroon in 1992, released the first album in 1993 and have dedicated their lives to helping the Baka ever since.



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